Pinnacle Gold Distance 15pk

Consistent with its distance heritage, Pinnacle continues to provide a golf ball product that exceeds those golfer's expectations whose first priority is to hit the golf ball as long as humanly possible. The new Pinnacle Gold Distance will appeal to value conscious golfers who prioritize long, straight distance. Designed to deliver maximum distance, the Pinnacle Gold Distance features a low spin, resilient Ionomer cover and a high speed core to provide long, straight distance from tee to green. A 332 Icosahedral dimple design helps provide consistent ball flight from tee to green with a higher trajectory for maximum distance. The ''Distance'' alignment sidestamp promotes better putting accuracy.Benefits

- Long Distance on All Shots
- Long, Straight Ball Flight Tee-to-Green
- Higher Trajectory for Maximum Distance
- Promotes Better Putting Accuracy


- High Speed Core
- Resilient, Low Spin Ionomer Cover
- 332 Icosahedral Dimple Design
- Pinnacle Alignment Sidestamp

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