Pinnacle Gold 15-Ball Box- White

Pinnacle Gold - Bolder Long Game. Sharper Short Game.

  • Long Straight Distance Tee-To-Green
  • Great Feel on All Shots
  • Short Game Control for Improved Scoring
  • Quality You Can Trust

The Pinnacle Promise

We understand your passion for the game and how important confidence is to playing well. While you like a little extra distance (who doesn't?), you also know that a golf ball with great feel and short game control really matters. Pinnacle Gold has the quality and technology to deliver exactly what you need . . . without breaking the bank.

The Pinnacle Advantage

The Pinnacle Gold Ribbon golf ball gives you technology and consistent quality that you can trust.
* Long, straight distance tee-to-green . . . Power
* Great feel on all shots . . . Sweet
* Short game control for improved scoring . . . Money

Introducing High Optix

The Pinnacle research team delivers High Optix Yellow golf balls designed to provide ultra-high visibility against the hues of blue and green, the colors you see during every round you play. With High Optix, the difference is worth seeing.


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