About us

Eagle Golf is a business that brings together the key elements involved in the world of business networking through golf.

Focussed exclusively on the Promotional Distributor we seek to provide you with a combination of

  • access to the world’s best golf brands across all product categories
  • golf event management
  • worldwide sourcing of customised product
  • complimentary range of stock Eagle Golf accessories

We believe that by providing access to these key elements from one business, we can greatly enhance your customers golf profile.

It is our mission to stay relevant and keep asking ourselves what do our clients need from us to grow their customers business and their own. We are not only passionate about golf but passionate about its role in new business development.

Eagle Golf was launched in February 2012 through its website.  This site has been developed solely for our Promotional Resellers to use with their customers.

The Eagle Golf website provides

*         24/7 access to all corporate golf related products

*         Access to advice and information regarding holding a corporate golf day or participating in one

*         Access to Eagle Golfs golf event specialists to outsource the management of a corporate golf day.

*         Access to the latest news in the world of golf, whether it be the latest product release or the latest ranking results.

*         Quick and direct access to pricing with email confirmation on any quantity or selection of products.

*         Downloadable images of all products on the site.

If you are still saying “so what,  none of that makes a difference to my business “, click on the Rewards button on our Home page and sign up for the Eagle Golf Rewards Program.  This program will provide access to a wide variety of rewards for you and or your staff and the only thing you need to do to get going is place an order.